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AC2H, 20 years of experience at your service

AC2H is present on the market of conformity control of pressure vessels since 2015. As of 2019, it puts its staff skills benefits in 20 years' experience, at your service in the field of non-destructive testing in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland.

We are specialized in methods of penetrant testing (PT), ultrasonic testing (UT) and thickness measurement, magnetoscopy testing (MT) and direct and indirect visual testing (VT).

Our technicians, certified ISO EN 9712, hold level 3 in magnetoscopy testing and level 2 for ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing and indirect visual testing methods.



Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is a set of methods which permits to control the condition of structures and materials without damaging them. It might be used during the production or during maintenance.


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The 3 challenges of NDT


Non-destructive testing, as its name suggests, preserves the integrity of the materials tested


As a guarantee of compliance with good practices in the field of Non Destructive Testing, AC2H's inspectors are certified according to the SN EN ISO 9712 standard.

Clear answers

The purpose of a non-destructive test is to obtain a clear answer on a material integrity: Is it able to perform its function safely?

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Our NDT expert, ready to assist you David Robin

With a consolidated 20 years of experience in non-destructive testing, David has a recognized on site and workshop expertise, whether in Switzerland or abroad, especially in domains such as :

Ski lifts:

NDT for supporting elements of different types of skilifts: fixed and mobile jaws for chair lifts and cablecars, towers core, pebble train axle, etc…


Ultrasonic and Magnetoscopy Testing of bogie axle and train wheel frames for steep incline cogwheel trains safety parts

Hydroelectric facilities:

Ultrasonic testing of penstock welds


NDT on de-icing truck nacelles
NDT on luggage conveyor vehicles and catering vehicles

Pressure vessels:

Ultrasonic Testing for cracks and corrosion detection
Direct and indirect Visual Testing inspection
Ultrasound thickness measurement


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